Meet the YaYAs

Current Members

G wyn


My name is Gwyn Uttmark (they/them) and I like to make things, learn about the world, and help others while I’m at it! I have a continued passion to enable, inform and support trans, nonbinary and gender expansive folks who choose to pursue medical transition, whether or not the engage with the medicoindustrial complex. I studied Biochemistry at Stanford from 2016-2020 with a focus on analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry. 

After my B.S. I took time to focus on my health, publish a book, and advocate for fellow queer and trans people in my hometown of Casper. Fun fact, I’m very (very!!) proud to have helped host Wyoming’s first Trans Day of Visibility ever! Currently, I am a proud member of the Wyoming Youth and Young Adult Council and study Community Health and Prevention Research at the Stanford School of Medicine.


Jordan is 22 years old and is a student at UW. She is originally from Goshen County. She is passionate about ensuring everyone feels seen and heard. “Everyone has their own experience that impacts their life, and I want them to know that everything they feel is valid.”


I joined YaYA because I want to spread awareness and information about mental health and suicide prevention, especially among younger generations.


Isabelle is 19 years old, living in Riverton. She is passionate about providing youth with the resources and knowledge they all should have access to no matter what, and making sure youth voices are heard louder and advocated for frequently.

I joined YaYA to share my experiences and knowledge with others, to advocate for myself and peers around me in order to create the change needed not only in Wyoming, but all over. I hope to educate myself more. I also hope to get things moving and active ideas flowing to create change and encourage more youth to use their voice.


Emmalee is 19 years old, living in Green River. She is passionate about giving others the space, confidence and support to pursue their passions.


I joined YaYA because I want to better the world by helping others feel seen and heard.  I hope that YaYA can spread a message of hope to let youth across the state understand help is available and ready for each of them.


Chelsea is 23 years old, living in Ethete. She is a member of the Norther Arapaho Nation, and is a Masters of Business Administration student at the Univeresity of Wyoming. She is passionate about helping youth and young adults find resources for mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, and recovery options.

I joined YaYA because I feel it is important to give youth and young adults from the Wind River Reservation a voice. I hope to promote change on the reservation and show the younger generations that they have a voice that people want to hear.


Nevaeh is 17 years old, living in Cheyenne. She is passionate about health sciences and the unique science of the birthing process. She is the president of the Cheyenne South High School FCCLA chapter and has won first place awards at the state and national level for her projects.

I joined YaYA because I want to use my past experiences to make a difference in Wyoming. I hope to bring a new perspective to those around me.

Founding Members


Jaynie is 23 years old, living in Rock Springs. She is passionate about access to healthcare in our rural state and volunteering with Cowboys Against Cancer of Sweetwater County.

I joined YaYA because my interest in access to healthcare in rural Wyoming grew as I realized the breadth of struggles people in rural areas face. It was overwhelming to consider our lack of infrastructure to provide the broadband necessary for tele-health, our struggle to retain high quality physicians, and our lack of public transportation. I hope to build connections both within the group and through the organizations we work with to bring change to my own community and the entire state both during my time in YaYA and after.


Gia is 19 years old, living in Laramie. She is passionate about educating our youth and young adults on topics ranging from reproductive healthcare and healthy relationships to recognizing mental health problems.

I joined YaYA because I was excited to have my voice heard and to listen and address the needs of my peers. My ultimate goal is to promote healthier and happier lives.


Isabela is 22 years old, from Cheyenne. She is passionate about public health, reproductive health, food security/food sovereignty and advocacy surrounding the many different dimensions of health and wellness.

I grew up in Wyoming, so as a young Latina woman with a multicultural background I understand what it feels like to be in a state that oftentimes doesn’t represent you. As a young adult now, I am able to share my own struggles and experiences to raise awareness and create a safe space.


Amanda is 24 years old, living in Cheyenne. She is passionate about mental health and self-care.

I joined YaYA to get young people in Wyoming involved in public health decision making. I hope that YaYA can educate and train more youth and young adults on suicide prevention as well as educating them on where their health resources are across the state.


Makena is 20 years old, living in Laramie. She is passionate about education and helping people through volunteering with organizations.

I joined YaYA because it is an amazing opportunity to connect with others and make young adult voices heard in Wyoming. I hope to meet new people, spread the YaYA message and be more vocal about issues that are important to me.


Avery is 20 years old, living in Cheyenne. She is passionate about  mental illness/disabilities.

I joined YaYA because I have twin brothers with autism. I hope to help create change and give support to those who have a mental illness/disability or those that have a loved one with a mental illness/disability.


Autumn is 23 years old, living in Laramie and is originally from Green River. She is passionate about helping women and men who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

I joined YaYA because I believe this council could have an impact on the lives of youth and young adults in Wyoming. I want YaYA to develop strong community partners and to hear from other youth and young adults in Wyoming to get a grasp on the concerns they have. From there, the possibilities are endless.


Jasmin is 23 years old, living in Ethete. She is passionate about Women’s rights, LGBT Rights, and sexually abused children.

I joined YaYa because I want to make a difference in the lives of others. Some of my goals are to inform the community of youth resources and to introduce better health classes to teenagers.


Addi is 22 years old, living in Laramie. She is passionate about breaking down stigmas and barriers for people regarding public health topics such as sexual and mental health.

I joined YaYA because I want to help strengthen the young adult voice within the state of Wyoming. I think oftentimes it is left to older councils or political leadership within the state to make decisions for the good of everyone, however, we often overgeneralize what younger people are actually struggling with. I want to be a part of the discussions and meetings in order to learn and also provide a younger perspective for certain health topics.


Samantha is 21 years old, living in Laramie. She is passionate about learning and connecting with others.

I joined YaYA because I want to help make change. I like the idea of creating a giant community for young adults to support one another, while also working collectively towards goals to improve our lives and the livelihoods of others. I hope to make healthcare and mental support more easily accessible for young adults. I also want to help put a stop to the mental health crisis by providing a safe place for youth and young adults to turn to in times of need.


Jess is 25 years old, living in Lander. He is a member of the Navajo tribe and his family operates a cattle ranch and wild horse sanctuary. Agriculture is his first passion but he is also interested in medicine and helping others.

I joined YaYA to be more involved and better understand the needs of my community in an effort to help build strong infrastructure that will leave a positive impact. I hope to bring my experience on Native American reservations and in Rural-America to improve the health and well-being of those communities.


Javaun is 22 years old, living in Laramie. He is passionate about providing access to the resources that people need that can support them and assist them in all their endeavors.

I want YaYA to bridge the gap between the youth and policymakers so they can make more informed policy decisions, Increase support and healthcare access for LGBTQ+ individuals, and destigmatize needing or asking for help.

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